A couple of months ago we engaged with Apple to ensure that our app engine framework and branded app approach continued to be compliant with Apple’s evolving App Store rules.  One of the outcomes of this process was that Apple required us to enforce a higher level of distinctiveness and quality in customer branded apps.  Luckily we had already started a large project to standardise and systemise our brand app creation and publishing process :)

The Branding Center is the result of this multi-month effort – a single area in the platform for you to manage your App as a Service apps, all the way from colours and imagery, through to app store listing text and publishing.

This new area also incorporates our standard process of reviewing, optimising and quality-checking every branded app submission, as we strive to ensure the best possible app result for all involved.

Also included are all the existing options for Website as a Service (if you have subscribed to this), giving you one place to manage all aspects of your white label solution.

Branding Center

App Branding