To add a SQL Connection, go to the Connections page which is accessed via Menu -> Connected Data -> Connections.

NOTE: SQL connections are only available on Premium accounts.

You must be an Administrator level user to see this option. 

  • Click the ADD CONNECTION button on the top right of the page to add a new connection.
    This will bring up a list of connections that you can choose from.

NOTE: Windows Authentication is NOT supported; you must include username and password credentials in the string.

The SQL user specified MUST have at least db_ddladmin and db_datawriter database-level roles assigned.

For simplest configuration, grant db_owner role to the user. 

IMPORTANT: You must configure your database firewall to accept connections from our cloud servers

Get the list of our cloud IP addresses here

Click the SAVE button on the top right of the page to store your configuration.

Your connection will be verified automatically - you will see a green tick if everything is working.