We have two update channels through which all app updates occur, these channels being:

  • Planned Updates
  • Patch Updates

Notice of any new app release is published via our Platform Updates blog and all customers are also notified via email.

Planned Updates

As a general rule, we release new, planned versions of our core app runtime on a 6-8 weekly basis.

These new versions include bug fixes, new features and any other improvements we have made.

Your branded app is built on our app runtime, so we also publish new versions of your app on a similar cadence.

This enables your branded app with the new features/fixes/improvements we've developed.

Our process for updating apps is as follows:

1. Internal QA and Testing

Our development team finalises the new app runtime build and a period of internal testing and quality assurance begins.

We run a series of manual scripted tests as well as automated test scenarios on the new build.

2. Publish Preview of New Version via Tap-to Apps

Once all internal tests are passed, we first publish a new version of our Tap-to app (available in the App Store and Google Play).

We advertise this new preview release to you with it's list of changes via our platform updates blog.

Tap-to is our reference white label app which we maintain in the respective app stores primarily for new version testing.
It has no production users and acts as our pre-release channel.

3. Preview Period: Your Opportunity To Test

The new Tap-to app is your opportunity to test out the new version before it rolls out to your own branded app.

Since the core app runtime in the Tap-to is the same as the one that will be in your new branded app version, you can test with confidence.

We allow roughly a week for you to test the Tap-to app before proceeding to the next step in our process.

You may want to test on specific devices that are troublesome (e.g. cheap no-name Androids that your client insists on using).

Maybe you want to try out the new functionality ahead of formal release.

Either way, you can log in on the Tap-to app using your existing account users and credentials.

If you find any issues, alert our support team immediately.

4. Publish all App as a Service branded apps

We wait roughly one week after publishing the Tap-to update to ensure any unexpected issues are surfaced.
If there are any problems, the preview period may take longer as we resolve reported issues.

Assuming you have not contacted us to request a hold or report an issue, we will proceed to publish your branded apps to the relevant app stores.

For Google Play, your new app version will appear around 8 hours after we submit it to Google.

For Apple App Store, your new app version will go into the App Review queue after we submit it.
Generally it will take 2 - 4 days for Apple to review and approve for App Store release, but App Review can take longer - it all depends on Apple.

For Windows apps, updates are pushed directly from our app repository - users will simply be notified that a new version is available, and this will be downloaded and installed when they next restart the app.

Patch Updates

This channel is used when "hot" issue(s) are discovered with currently published app versions.  
Hot issues are defined as causing major app problems with no readily available work-arounds, e.g. persistent/recurring app crashes, data loss or inaccurate results from functionality.

For these cases, we will prepare a new patch app build which contains only the necessary changes to fix the "hot" issue(s).

No new features are included, thus allowing us to keep our internal testing and quality assurance (QA) processes narrowly focused.

The emphasis is on publishing app updates for all customers as soon as the patch build has passed our internal QA.

There is usually no preview opportunity offered to clients, since we need to expedite the release to address the issue.