Often the data captured using our platform needs to be made available to other systems and services, for purposes such as analytics, reporting or inclusion into workflows being run in other software.

We provide a number of “baked-in” integrations to popular cloud services through Connectors, and our Integration API is a comprehensive option for software developers.

Ultimately though we found that many companies had a simple requirement – they wanted to work with their data in tables on a local database such as Microsoft SQL Server.

So we built our standalone Sync product.

Sync is a web application that automatically synchronises data between our cloud platform and a local SQL Server database on your own server.

All you need to run Sync is:

  • A server running Windows Server 2008 or higher
  • A SQL Server 2008 Express or higher
  • The installation server must be accessible from the internet

We provide a full installation guide and our support team is available to help with any questions you may have.

Sync automatically creates tables for each Form screen you hook to it, with entries inserted into the tables as they happen, providing a simple, no fuss replication solution that ensures all your data is available for your internal needs.

You can also make local data available for use by the app as Data Source rows by creating tables or views within the Sync database; this is then picked up by the app directly.

Having all your data locally means that it’s easy to layer options like Reporting Services or other analytics software on top of these database tables.

Sounds good? 

A free 30-day trial of Sync is available simply by heading to the Billing area of our secure website and hitting the TRY button next to our Sync option :)