I have published a new Form version, but I am still seeing some Data entries coming in against the old Form version.

Shouldn't the users app have updated to the latest version automatically?

The system will automatically update mobile users with the latest version of a Screen when their app has a connection and can synchronise.

However they may have been working on an entry using the older version of the Form ahead of the sync, or they may have already captured some entries on an older version while they were disconnected (and thus not able to sync).

This is why our system has the concept of versions, because otherwise the data entries captured on older form designs would not be compatible with the current newer version and data would end up getting lost.

So it is perfectly normal to see entries against older versions trickle in after you publish a new Form version.

Users will update to the latest version on their next synchronisation - which could be at various times based on network connection and app use.

How do the built-in "Completed On", "Completed By" and "Location" data values work?

Our platform automatically saves certain meta-data about every Form entry that is uploaded.

  • Completed¬†On¬†is the device specific completion time, recorded using the date and time reported by the device at the time of Form entry completion

  • Completed By is the name of the logged in app user at the time of Form entry completion

  • Location (also known as Completed At) is an automatic field that attempts to capture the user's location while they are filling out the Form entry.
    However this is not a guaranteed field, since their device may not be able to acquire a GPS lock before the user completes the entry.
    Additionally, if they have turned off location services, then the app will not be able to access the GPS function.
    If you want to have a guaranteed location value, then you should add an explicit Location field to your form and set it to be required.
    This will force the user to capture their location and will not allow them to submit the form entry without it.